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Overlooking Wengen, Switzerland 1984


Overlooking Wengen, Switzerland 1984

10.17.12 ♥ 5
10.16.12 ♥ 7



We just hit the road again after staying above Interlaken in Wengen. Our good friend Spence Eccles told us that we should take a train through the Eiger to check out the highest train station in Europe at the top of the Jungfraujoch. The views from the top were breathtaking.   

Spence also told us about an Ice Palace at the top of the mountain. The palace was made entirely out of ice as was everything in it. It was soooo COOL! 

The Ice was SO slippy Emmy fell right into the splits. 

10.15.12 ♥ 2


I am in awe at some of these pictures, especially my “home village”, named Wengen.  Gorgeous!  lol

10.14.12 ♥ 5


Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. I was genuinely amazed at how this place tipie toed and snuck it’s good vibrations all around me. It was overwhelmingly peaceful. 

07.09.12 ♥ 5

Things I love about Wengen


  • meeting people you know everywhere you go (this can be bad if you’ve been naughty)
  • the sound of the church bells ringing in the valley below
  • dancing in the Blue Monkey
  • pizza on the sun deck above the Tipi
  • the sunsets – they can move me to tears
  • chilling on the deckchairs outside the Start Bar in the afternoon sun
  • walnut bread for breakfast
  • lying in bed in the afternoon after coming back from skiing, listening to avalanches thundering down the mountainside above
  • B-52s in the Tanne Bar / black vodka & red bull in Hasenstall / Jägerbombs in Chilis
  • day trips to Murren
  • Mikado sticks
  • having a drinks cabinet in my bedside table
  • the views everywhere, all the time
  • Falken jazz nights
  • the Co-op queues (social hour!)
  • Rosti and bratwurst at the Bahnhof
07.08.12 ♥ 3
07.07.12 ♥ 5